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Xender application uses WiFi to transfer the files from one device to another instrument. Presently, it will make available for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. In this article, you have to learn about the downloading and installing steps of the Xender application on PC. By using this application, you can use to share multiple files about four members at a time. All the sharing devices need to connect the same Wifi network. It uses the local wifi network so that you can not charges to any data. Xender App APK for PC also creates a temporary wifi hotspot in this you can connect your computer ans share your files between the PC and phone using this application.

Xender App APK for PC

It is the most modern applications that available in the Google Play Store. But still, they do not provide any PC versions of the app. So that you can not download this application directly. Don’t worry there is a way to install the application on your PC. If you wanted to use the application on your computer just follow the steps providing for download on this page. If you wanted to download the native file sharing app, you could also download the Share it on your device.

Xender App APK for PC – Free Download

Xender App APK for PC is a tool that enables to transfer the files between two devices at a fast rate. Instead of using the tool Bluetooth, Xenders provides the lot more facilities involving the transfer, ensuring a transfer rate that is more faster than standard Bluetooth. You can transfer large files from your Android like contacts, images, files, videos, music and also many apps. All you need to do is create a transfer group and also close to the user that want to transfer the files. It works if the person seeks to transfer the data. It is a brilliant file transfer tool that stands out for a user-friendly interface to move the speed. One of the best app APK to transfer the data from mobile to mobile is the Xender. It is fast protect and more reliable than the other apps.

Xender App APK for PC

Xender application for PC – features

The following functions are provided for the Xender application on Laptops. Check out it and know the features before going to download the application. It can use, to share all types of the files like movies, games, videos, Zip, PDF and other data. Xender App APK for PC can work better to compare the Bluetooth, providing the group sharing option to transfer files to four people. Let’s check the features of the Xender For Computer on Windows.

Xender App APK for PC

  • It can transfer the files from one device to another instrument.
  • Transfer the files from PC to Android mobiles.
  • Transfer files from PC to IOS mobiles.
  • The user can move anything like pictures, photos, videos, etc.
  • It supports cross platform sharing and can only transfer files from mobiles.
  • It is very fast and protected.
  • The user can select the files in a group by just selecting the user in them.

Steps to Download the application on your PC

Xender App APK for PC

  • There is no Xender version PC application is available on the market. So you have to install the Android Emulator into your mobile.
  • So firstly, you need to download the Bluestacks or any emulator on your PC.
  • After downloading, you have to install the software on your computer by following the instructions.
  • Now search for the Xender application, once you get the icon click on it and install the application.
  • After downloading the application, you can use the app for sharing the files from one PC to another.

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